Moving to College Station, Texas

If you’re moving to College Station, I’d guess that most likely you are coming to study or work at Texas A&M University. Or your spouse is. Or your child is.

I said this because College Station is mainly known because of the university. Texas A&M University is the main reason College Station exists. So where is it actually?

In preparation for your coming to College Station -CS-, you might have seen this on the map.

College Station
Picture credit: The Bush School, A&M

CS is “conveniently” located between 3-4 big cities in Texas (the distance-hour is just approximation):

1.5 hours from Houston

2 hours from Austin

3 hours from San Antonio

3 hours from Dallas/Fort Worth

Normally, we Aggies (this is how we call ourselves, the A&M students) fly from or to the airport in Houston. There are 2 airports in Houston, but the George Bush Intercontinental Airport is the biggest one and also closest to CS. So if you are planning for your trip, you can look into this option. We also have an airport in CS, Easterwood  Airport, it belongs to the university. It’s a small airport which connect CS to Houston or Dallas. This is also another option.

How to get from the airport to CS?

If you arrive in IAH or Hobby (both are the airports in Houston), or Austin-Bergstrom Airport, get the ground shuttle. They are pricey but convenient. Here is the link You should book online than you can pay on site.

If you arrive in Dallas, fly to CS. This will save yourself from trouble.

If you arrive in CS, just Uber. This is the easiest one.

Other than those options, if you are familiar with driving in the State and confident enough to drive by your self in a new place, you can rent a car. There are plenty of options for car rental in the airport. Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, you name it. You need a valid driving license and a CREDIT card on your name to be able to rent a car here. Without this, it is not possible to.

So, that’s everything I can think of now. I will get back and add more if I remember anything else.





Princess and Zibibbi

She is from Indonesia, he is from Italy.

She is a Muslim, he grew up a Catholic.

She is moody and short-tempered, he is calm and always happy.

She enjoys jokes, he likes telling jokes.

She likes cooking and cooking for him, he likes cooking and especially cooking for her.

She is sweet, he is sweeter.

She likes reading, he hates reading.

She hates electronic music, he loves it.

She loves spicy foods, he barely can stand for it.

She prefers vanilla ice cream, he is a devoted chocolate mania.

She is a cat person, he is a dog person.

She hates Adam Sandler’s movies, he is a fan!

They both adore Roberto Baggio.

They love Linkin Park.

They love spending time with friends.

They love board games.

They love cuddling at home and watch TV.

They love cappucino.

She loves him, he loves her first 😀

She is his Princess, he is her Zibibbi.

 At the end, they are just two people who love each other 🙂

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