Princess and Zibibbi

She is from Indonesia, he is from Italy.

She is a Muslim, he grew up a Catholic.

She is moody and short-tempered, he is calm and always happy.

She enjoys jokes, he likes telling jokes.

She likes cooking and cooking for him, he likes cooking and especially cooking for her.

She is sweet, he is sweeter.

She likes reading, he hates reading.

She hates electronic music, he loves it.

She loves spicy foods, he barely can stand for it.

She prefers vanilla ice cream, he is a devoted chocolate mania.

She is a cat person, he is a dog person.

She hates Adam Sandler’s movies, he is a fan!

They both adore Roberto Baggio.

They love Linkin Park.

They love spending time with friends.

They love board games.

They love cuddling at home and watch TV.

They love cappucino.

She loves him, he loves her first πŸ˜€

She is his Princess, he is her Zibibbi.

Β At the end, they are just two people who love each other πŸ™‚

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